May 13, 2021
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How To Integrate Smart Home Devices

Making a modern home is a little more complicated than it’s ever been. Smart home devices have become very prevalent over the last decade, and if you want your home to be up to date with all of the latest technology, then you’re going to need at least a few of these gadgets in your home. Fortunately, even though it can be a little bit of a pain to get it all set up and on the same page, the end result will make your home life a little more convenient overall.

The Integration Process

While it is a little bit of a headache, it’s not the most complicated process. Most smart speakers can control everything in your home, which makes them useful hubs for everything. Once you have everything set up to be controlled by your speakers, you’ll be able to control everything with your voice. Lights, electrical outlets, door locks, smart vacuums, the only limit is the current technology available and what you own!

The steps for getting this all set up are pretty simple if you understand how to navigate apps and such. The steps are as follows:

  1. Select your smart speaker. Google has the Nest, Amazon the Echo, and Apple has the HomePod. This choice is one of the most important ones you’ll make when making your house into a smart home, as it affects what smart home devices will be available to you.
  2. Find Hardware that works with your smart speaker. This can include but isn’t limited to lights, smart vacuums, fans, thermostats, doorbells, door locks, smart fridges, and a lot more.
  3. The directions for putting all of your smart home devices under the control of your smart speaker can vary a little bit depending on which smart speaker you choose, but overall it’s just about the same. You’re going to open your smart speaker app from your phone, and the section you’re looking for is usually either called devices or jobs, and make sure to enable all smart home devices to be controlled by the speaker.

Which Smart Speaker is Best?

What the best anything is all a matter of personal opinion, to be entirely honest. Some people prefer Apple, while others prefer Google or Amazon. The most accurate answer we would be able to give you is that each has its good things and its bad things, but all three are very popular among users. The most common complaints about Google is that to activate it you have to say “Ok Google” every time which some people find annoying, the most common complaint about Amazon is that their speakers aren’t as nice as one might hope and that they don’t take responsibility for any information that 3rd party apps collect so you have to check what information is being collected for every device that you purchase, and Apple’s biggest complaints are that there are fewer devices on the market because of their high standards.

Home Devices

Smart Home Devices Make Our Homes the Kind of Science Fiction Humans Have Been Dreaming of for Decades.

It’s true, the wonders that technology provides today is a lot more advanced than it even was 20 or 30 years ago. Someone in the ’90s would have had a hard time believing that their whole home could be automated and controlled by a smart speaker or smartphone. Smartphones didn’t exist yet and the closest thing that we had back then was the Blackberry 2 way pager in 1999. Our technology certainly has come a very long way in a very short time, and it’s miraculous the things that we’ve accomplished in such a short time.