Welcome to BritFox.com – The (Only) Official Site of Lucy Pinder

Helloooo and welcome to my new home on the world wide web! I’m Lucy Pinder – a British actress working in film and TV both in my native UK, and LA.

For those of you who’ve followed me on the journey to date, thanks for coming back and for your continued support. For those new to my work and life, a very warm welcome!

My new site has been designed with interactivity and engagement in mind, and to keep you clued up as to what I’ve been working on, my recent TV and film appearances, as well providing a lively and active forum (nicknamed “The Den”) for interaction and comment. So without further ado…

Why BritFox.com?

After many years on lucypinder.info I took the decision in mid-2015 to create an all-British modelling and content platform, to celebrate future generations of models and actresses from the UK.

With the BritFox brand, I’m looking to find and champion newer models and introduce them to my audience over time.

We’re all about tea and scones, cricket in the summer, football and rugby in the winter, rain, wellies, and everything British! The playful and fearless English fox seemed like the perfect icon to represent what we’re looking to achieve, and thus BritFox.com was born…

Although the site is largely about me (boring!) for now, my team and I are absolutely hell-bent on finding the best unknown British models, and championing them on our Britfoxes page. They’re going to need a certain look, a certain style, a certain…well…Britishness in order to join our merry ranks, so if you’d like to apply to join us, or you know of a BritFox in waiting, you can apply here.

We’re also keen that Britfox.com become a platform for quality writing – both in “The Den” (our main forum) and on our blog. So if you’d like to write an article for us, and have your work read by our not inconsiderable audience (1m Facebook Likes and rising!), do get in touch and pitch us an idea on this page.

Like what you see? Good, because there’s a great deal more to come. So why not get involved in the forum, or subscribe to our community newsletter?

Anyway I mustn’t prattle on, thanks so much for stopping by, and we hope you’ll come again soon…


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