June 14, 2024

What Are The Different Types Of Solicitors?

Every area of law requires its own demands relating to knowledge and expertise. So, if you have been researching or looking around for a solicitor to solve a particular matter, then you have probably realised how many different types there are. The legal field is extremely complex, and you’ll find that many solicitors practice in a particular area of law. For example, conveyancing solicitors specialise in property transactions whilst others solely specialise in immigration. So, during this short but insightful article, we are going to explore the different types of solicitors and what their role entails.

Personal Injury Solicitors 

There are solicitors whose sole expertise is to represent their clients to help them secure compensation for personal injuries they have sustained that wasn’t their fault. Personal injury solicitors can handle all types of injuries, including medical negligence, road traffic accidents, trips and slips and aviation accidents. However, the specific actions and processes that personal injury solicitors pursue ultimately depend on the type of case and how severe it is.

Commercial Solicitors 

Commercial solicitors specialise in the different areas of commercial and corporate law. They mostly provide advice and deal with the purchase and sales or commercial premises such as offices, retail spaces and hotels. They can also help with all aspects of business leases such as those between tenants and landlords, the renewals of business leases (and allocations) and property disposals. They are also able to write contracts and agreements related to commercial establishments and their security.

Employment Solicitors 

Employment law is in place to protect both employers and employees. For employers, solicitors that specialise in employment law can provide advice about their duties and rights as well as those of their current employees. These solicitors can help advise employers and employees on a range of different matters including recruitment conditions, unfair dismissal and redundancy concerns. An experienced employment solicitor can draw up employment agreements, settle disputes, deal with discrimination matters and write contracts.

Wills, Trust And Probate Solicitors 

Losing a family member is a horrible experience to go through, but sometimes it can even worse if there is no will and testament. In fact, many complications can arise without them. With the assistance of a solicitor who specialises in Wills, Trusts and Probate, those who need help can create a new will or make amendments on an existing one. These solicitors can also provide services that can help to protect a family’s estate. They can also set up trusts and arrange for the administration of a client’s estate in case of sudden death.

Criminal Law Solicitors 

The role of a Criminal Law Solicitor is to analyse the evidence against their clients and advise them on what the best way forward is. If a client decides to plead “not guilty” to charges made towards them, then the solicitor can represent them at trial. If their client decides to plead guilty at their hearing, then their role is to direct the court to the most appropriate sentence.

Conveyancing Solicitors

When it comes to domestic and commercial property transactions, the services of an experienced conveyancing solicitor is extremely important. They can make the process hassle-free by handling the legal transaction between the 2 parties. Some of the transactions that are involved with residential properties might include the selling or purchasing of a house, concerns regarding mortgages, and transfer of deeds or matrimonial transfers. These complex transactions usually involve complex legal documents with all the provisions and agreements which are the conditions of the sale or transfer of property. With the services of a conveyancing solicitor, it is possible to make these transactions as straightforward as possible.

Divorce Solicitors 

Divorce solicitors are experts with family and matrimonial law. They mostly handle divorce cases and the ramifications that can come with such a matter. A divorce solicitor is normally engaged with couples who want to make their marriage legally void. They can assist with the preparation of a divorce agreement and help advise on other matters that will be affected by a separation including children, financial assets and estate.

Children Law Solicitors 

Following a marriage breakdown, any children involved are highly likely to be the main issue for both parents. The welfare of their children will always be the first priority when trying to negotiate an arrangement that is in their best interests. However, emotions can run extremely high when getting divorced; this is why it’s important to source the help of a children law solicitor to help ease the process.

Immigration Solicitors 

Some solicitors solely practice in matters of immigration. These solicitors can handle and process cases regarding applications for families that wish to move into the UK or remain if they are already in the country. They are also able to work on reapplications for immigrant statuses in case previous applications have been rejected. UK citizens who would like to move to another country can also benefit from their expertise.