June 24, 2024
7 Benefits Of Becoming A Permanent Resident Of Uk

7 Benefits Of Becoming A Permanent Resident Of Uk

It is the dream of everyone to have a quality life forever. Settling down permanently in the UK can help you realize this dream.

As a permanent resident of UK you can move freely within UK, enjoying the rights to open a bank account, purchase property, and even get married in the country. Here is what you can expect upon becoming a permanent resident of UK:

Free access to quality medical care

All permanent residents of UK get free access to quality health care in the country through NHS (National Health Service). All that you need to do is get registered with the nearest general practitioner to become a part of NHS. You can contact the nearest accident and emergency (A&E) department. NHS covers most of the common ailments; but you may have to pay from your pocket for things such as eye care treatments, dental treatments, prescriptions, wigs, abdominal as well as spinal supports.

Permit to work anywhere in UK without restrictions

You don’t need any kind of work permit to work in the UK once you have a permanent residency visa.  You can work anywhere in the country and get full access to unemployment allowances and government job search services without any time limits. However, you can lose all these rights if you stay outside the country for a period of two years or more.

Stable society and economy

The economy of UK is one of the strongest in the world. The service sector is one of the most dominant sectors and contributes to almost 80.5% of the GDP. With a moderate population, it provides ample job opportunities for everyone with safe working environment.

British passport and unrestricted entry to the UK

A permanent residency visa in UK gives you the right to apply for a UK passport.  You might have to attend an interview the IPS and confirm your identity in order to get your UK passport. Once you get one, you won’t be subject to immigration controls anymore.

Voting Rights

You automatically get full civic rights if you are born in UK or are a naturalized citizen of the country. With a permanent residence visa you get the right to get your name registered on the list of electors to vote in the local, parliamentary, as well as European elections.

Right to stand for public office

Another benefit of becoming a permanent resident of UK is that you can stand for public office. However, you should not be a civil servant, a member of the armed forces or be found guilty of criminal offences.

Citizenship of European Union

With a permanent UK residence visa you can become a citizen of the European Union. Once you get the citizenship, you can work or travel anywhere in the EU without the need for any travel permits or special permits.

One of the easiest ways to become a permanent resident of UK is to get engaged to a British citizen. You can apply for a proposed civil partner visa and get married in UK within a period of six months. You have to then apply for a Leave to Remain for a period of two and half years which can then be extended for a similar period of time. After the time period of five years you will get the right to settle in UK permanently.