June 22, 2024
Working with Personal Injury Solicitors in Dublin

Working with Personal Injury Solicitors in Dublin

Have you recently sustained a physical or psychological injury?

These injuries are often caused by another person’s negligence and you have every right to ask for financial compensation. It will cover for the pain and suffering you underwent and for all types of expenses you had, related to the injury.

If you have enough evidence to prove the guilt of the person responsible for your accident, you can file a claim. However, just having the evidence is not enough as you will need a professional who would guide you through the whole process, which is more complicated than it seems.

What you need is a good personal injury lawyer. It’s not difficult to find personal injury lawyers in Dublin, as there are many who offer their services.

How can this type of lawyer help you with your case?

Let’s find out together.

Explains the process and gives advice

On the initial meeting with your attorney, you will provide every piece of information in order to explain the situation in a detailed manner. The attorney will listen carefully to what you say and in the end give you an objective opinion about your case.

It’s his/her job to be honest and to tell you if you have real chances of winning the claim. If the odds are on your side, the lawyer will explain the upcoming procedure as well as your rights.

Conducts an investigation

The evidence provided by you, can be helpful, but a personal injury lawyer always looks for additional proof.  Attorneys have a group of professionals who help them create a retro perspective of the event.  They take pictures of the place where the accident happened and ask relevant questions to the people who are pointed as witnesses.

Sometimes, if needed, they invite experts to recreate the scene. This usually happens if the cause of the accident is stated as completely different by both parties. Check this link for more information on collecting the right evidence.

Finds suitable medical professionals

Lawyers usually collaborate with a certain group of medical professionals for all of their cases. These professionals provide the needed reports regarding your health, after the sustained injury.

They sometimes write the report in collaboration with the attorneys in order to get better compensation in court.

Accurately assesses damage

Apart from the medical reports which confirm the physical injuries, you also need a professional who would assess the psychological impact of the accident on your life.

This person will assess the pain and suffering you’ve gone through after the event. If you were disabled in some way, the attorney will ask for estimating the disability’s lifetime impact.

Personal injury lawyers know the right professionals to do this job and they will also collaborate with economists to calculate the approximate damage.

Finds expert witnesses

Attorneys have a network of medical specialists, who they call in court to take the role of expert witnesses. They invite different type of experts depending on your injury.

These expert witnesses are more credible than the regular ones. Therefore, they’re more likely to convince the judge or jury by providing their professional opinion. On the following link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expert_witness, you can find out who qualifies as an expert witness.

Helps you with the documents

After filing the claim, you’ll receive plenty of documents from the insurance company of the other involved party. However, these are not simple documents that you can fill in on your own. It’s better to consult with your lawyer before signing something that might damage your case.

Prepares you for trial

If both parties can’t reach a settlement, the case is taken to court. Your lawyer will help you to prepare for the hearings and trial, where you should remain calm and give precise answers, especially in the cross-examination.

You will be trained on how not to get tricked by the questions if you don’t want to compromise yourself.


In personal injury cases, it’s essential to have a professional lawyer on your side.

This person will use its experience to help you gather valuable evidence, find solid witnesses, assess your damage, explain the documentation and legislations so that you eventually win your claim!