June 18, 2024
Enhance Your Work Compensation Claim With A Houston Personal Injury Law Firm

Enhance Your Work Compensation Claim With A Houston Personal Injury Law Firm

Have you been hurt at your place of employment or while doing your tasks, such as slip and fall? If so, you might be considering making a lawsuit for worker’s compensation to pay for your medical costs to recover your losses.
Unfortunately, employers or their insurance agencies sometimes deny compensation requests for workers, even though they are genuine.

Sometimes workers think that they can handle the case of their own, but the process isn’t always that easy.

It’s always a good idea to contact a worker compensation attorney for a free consultation on your case. The attorney will guide you through the process, alert you to possible risks, and give you an accurate opinion of how you can tackle the case.

There are a few things a Workers Injury Claims Attorneys in Houston help you in filing your claim.

When You Need An Attorney

If any of the following is true, you should hire a workers compensation lawyer:

  • You don’t know the workers ‘ comp procedure, and you would feel more confident if your needs were represented by an expert.
  • Your company rejects your claim or does not pay your expenses promptly.
  • The employer’s compensation agreement will not cover any of the lost earnings or medical costs.
  • The medical conditions prohibit you from returning to the previous job, restrict what you can do at work, or prohibit you from doing any work at all.
  • You are receiving or planning to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits.
  • Your company is hitting back against you for filing a worker’s compensation claim.
  • You have been hurt because of the actions of a third party or the severe misconduct of your boss.
  • You have problems getting the treatment you deserve.

Regardless of the situations of a worker’s compensation claim, you have the authority to hire a lawyer. When your conditions are severe enough that your life is profoundly changed, either because of permanent physical disability or because of a change in your capacity to work, a worker’s compensation attorney will be able to negotiate on your behalf and ensure that you seek medical treatment and workers’ compensation benefits that you are eligible to.

If any aspect of your claim is in dispute with your employer or the insurance company of your employer, it is important that you obtain a lawyer. In many countries, the dispute process is highly legal and involves complex legal rules and procedures. You are going to be at a disadvantage if you do not hire a lawyer to defend your interests in these proceedings.

Hiring An Attorney Will Help You File Your Claim

Many accidental injuries, illnesses, fatalities, and incidents arising in the workplace are protected by workers ‘ compensation laws. Importantly, because workers ‘ compensation is a non-fault process, individuals are not expected to show their fault in the incident to seek benefits.

  1. Representing you at hearings or courts– When you are unable to settle, the case shall be referred to an administrative hearing or tribunal before a compensation court with the workers. During the investigation process, your counsel can collect testimony, order your medical reports, perform legal analysis, prepare your “pleadings” (requests, applications, and responses from the insurance company) to ensure that it is submitted on time.
  2. Advise you on third party claims and other future advantages- You can file a personal injury case against a third party whose activities have caused or lead to an incident, in addition to the workers ‘ compensation litigation. Faulty computer drivers and manufacturers are subject to lawsuits from third parties daily.You will also be consulted by an attorney on the future qualifications for other services, including occupational training assistance, wage compensation, long-term disability insurance, short-term state disability, and social security disability.3. Negotiation and structuring of settlement agreements– If it’s time to reach a deal with the employer’s insurance company, a worker’s compensation attorney has the benefit of being able to determine the profitability of the claim.

    With few cases, attorneys are more likely to participate in fruitful discussions with insurers than lawyers working on their own.

    Your counsel should also confirm that the settlement agreement is correctly formulated to avoid negative consequences down the trail. For example, whether you are collecting or filing Social Security Disability Insurance, a poorly crafted settlement agreement may cost you hundreds of dollars a month of payments related to workers ‘ compensation.

Your attorney will also help you make a reasonable assessment of the future medical bills so that the settlement agreement takes them into account.

At Charles J. Argento & Associates, our personal injury attorneys in Houston concentrate on your healing and encourage positivity that helps you to receive the best outcome possible as we handle the facts of your case and prosecute the person or group who led to the crash.